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Our roots on Lake Wallenpaupack date back to 1949 when Tom Gresham -a businessman originally from Throop, PA -purchased 32 acres of land on Lake Wallenpaupack. The land included a building called the Taft House Coach Stop which was relocated from the Wilsonville Beach Area to facilitate the construction and flooding of the Lake Wallenpaupack creek bed. That building was converted to a restaurant that would be run by Mr. Gresham’s his two daughters Anne Regenski and Mary 'Sis' Finan. Mary Finan and her husband Joe would soon leave the area to pursue work in the steel industry leaving Anne and her husband Joe Regenski the second generation to carry the restaurant business forward. With the restaurant -now named The Tafton Manor -having a successful start, Mr. Gresham decided the area would benefit from a lodging facility and in 1952, he began construction of what would become a 21-room motel over a period of six years. It would be called the Tafton Manor Motel, later to be renamed Gresham's Lake View Motel. Business prospered through '-the late 1950's through the mid 1970's culminating in the sale of The Tafton Manor in 1978.

As the family grew older, Gresham's Lake View Motel would be turned over to the grandson of Tom Gresham, Tom Regenski and would be re-built in 1989 into the two-story unit which stands today. In 1995, the three sons of Mr. Regenski approached their father with a request to build them a restaurant as they were ready to venture into a business for themselves. Construction began in 1999 and by summer's end Tom Jr., Paul, and Joe Regenski officially opened the doors to Gresham's Chop House and another successful family run restaurant on the Gresham property.

Gresham's is a four generation (and approaching 5) family business serving the Hawley / Lake Wallenpaupack Region since 1949 with one common theme 'to welcome our customers and make them feel at home'.

Welcome to Gresham's Lake View Motel and Chop House.
The Regenski Family

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 2499 Route 6 Hawley, PA 18428

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